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Unicode to Krutidev (Mangal to Kruti Dev) Converter Free Online Tool

Presenting the World's first and only AI-Powered Unicode to Krutidev converter supporting complete formatting of Unicode input and Kruti dev (Mangal) output in real-time. This Unicode to Kruti Dev converter, also called Mangal to Kruti Dev converter, is available online absolutely for free to everyone.

Input Text (Enter the text in Unicode (Mangal) Font)

Output Text (Generated Output (In Krutidev/Kruti Dev Font))

This is the best online Unicode to Krutidev (Unicode to Kruti Dev) converter tool. This tool helps you convert the text written using Unicode (Mangal) to Kruti dev with the help of Artificial Intelligence absolutely for free. This nifty tool has no limitations on the number of words you can convert and requires no login. We also offer you to download the converted Kruti dev text as a Microsoft Word file, send it on WhatsApp, and send it as mail to anyone, all done with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Unicode to Krutidev Converter?

Unicode to Krutidev converter is a web tool that helps you convert text written in Unicode (Mangal) font into the Krutidev (Also called Kruti Dev) font. This converter tool is very useful to Government officials, Language Translators, Content Creators, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, and Journalists.

Now, before moving ahead, let's first understand

  • What is Unicode?
  • Interesting facts related to Unicode
  • What is Krutidev (Kruti Dev)?
  • Interesting Facts Related to Krutidev
  • Kruti Dev Keyboard

What is Unicode?

Unicode is an international standardized character encoding system that represents text and symbols from all writing systems across the world in a consistent and uniform way. This standard was introduced to overcome the constraints of earlier character encoding standards that used to support only a few scripts and characters. The Unicode Consortium maintained it and was formally known as "The Unicode Standard".

Interesting Facts Related to Unicode

  1. Large Character Count: As of version 15.1, Unicode has defined a huge number of characters and scripts. It has included 149,813 characters and 161 scripts used in various contexts, from ordinary to technical.
  2. Emoji: Unicode encodes thousands of emoji to engage your text and content.
  3. Internet and Offline: Unicode encodes the vast majority of the text that is available both on the Internet and offline.
  4. Synchronization: The Unicode character repertoire is synchronized with ISO/IEC 10646. Both are code-for-code identical.
  5. Support of Encodings: Unicode text can be processed and stored using several encodings, including UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32. UTF-8 is one of the most widely used due to its backward compatibility with the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII).
  6. Origin: Unicode was designed mainly to overcome the limitations of previous text encodings, which were often incompatible.
  7. Abstract Characters: In Unicode, it is interesting to know that not all of the abstract characters are encoded as a single Unicode character. Some may be represented by a sequence of more than one character.
  8. Versions: Unicode 15.1, the latest version as of 2023, has added 4,489 new characters, including two new scripts, extensions to existing blocks, and 33 new emoji. This is really the big update to the previous version.

What is Krutidev (Kruti Dev)?

Krutidev is a well-known legacy font or typeface created by Kruti Dev Ram in 1997 and widely used for typing in the Devanagari script, mostly in Hindi. This font is widely used in North India and commonly used by government officials.

Interesting Facts Related to Krutidev

Here are some interesting key points and facts about the Krutidev font:

  1. Name and Origin of Krutidev: Kruti Dev (Devanagari: In Hindi, कृतिदेव) is a Devanagari typeface and is considered a non-Unicode font typeface.
  2. Remington's Keyboard Layout Style: This typeface uses the keyboard layout of Remington's typewriters. This means that people or users who are familiar with Remington's typewriter style can easily learn and type this font on a computer. This has been made easier by using our tool to write with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Usage in Exams: In several Indian states, many public service commissions and government officials utilize this Kruti Dev typeface for conducting typing exams for positions like clerks, stenographers, and data entry operators.
  4. Release and Designer: This typeface was released around 1997 and was designed by a person named Kruti Dev Ram.
  5. Variations: There are many variations of Kruti Dev available online, for example, DevLys.
  6. References (Both Online and Offline): This font is discussed in various online and offline sources, including articles about Hindi fonts and discussions about its compatibility with Remington typewriters.

We hope now it's crystal clear to you what the Unicode and Krutidev fonts are. Now, we can jump to how one can easily convert the Unicode to Kruti dev with our best-in-class Unicode-to-Krutidev converter tool with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

How to convert Unicode to Krutidev

Now, we will discuss here how to convert the Unicode to Kruitdev online (Mangal to Kruitdev online) with the help of Artificial Intelligence for free without any hassle. Here is the step-by-step guide. Just follow these steps. You can convert your unicode text or Unicode document in Kruti Dev like a pro.

  1. Open our website -> www.uncodetokruti.com:
    • Open our website "https://www.unicodetokruti.com" in your favorite browser. We support Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet. So, you can open this tool on any device of your choice and comfort,
  2. Enter or Paste Your Uncide Text in the Input Text Area:
    • Type your unicode font or paste it into "Input Text" available on the top left side of our website. Make your input text written in Unicode (Mangal) free from typos. This is a necessary step in order to generate the 100% correct output. We have no limit on number of words you can enter. So, don't worry; enter as many words as you need.
  3. Click on the "Convert to Kruti Dev" Button:
    • Once you enter or paste your unicode or mangal text into the Input Text area, just click on the "Convert to Kruti Dev" button. One interesting feature: even if you want to avoid clicking on this button repeatedly. No issue; we have enabled the auto conversion facility so that you can see the conversion in real-time.
  4. Output Text Area:
    • You converted Unicode (mangal) to Krutidev text, which will be available on the top right side of in "Output Text" text area. Make sure everything looks fine. If not, check your input once again for any errors, and click the "Convert to Kruti Dev" button to start the new conversion.
  5. Additional Options and Features of Our Unicode (Mangal) to Krutidev Converter:
    • Just below the "Output Text" area, you will find there are several additional options:
      • Download as Word Button: With this feature, you can download the Unicode to Krutidev converted text as a Microsoft Word file. This is really an amazing feature if you want to edit your output text quickly.
      • Clear Button: Clear both input and output text editor and allows you to start fresh.
  6. Clear Button:
    • Use this button to clear both the Input and Output text area and fresh again.
  7. Repeat the above steps as Needed:
    • You can repeat the steps and the process discussed above as many times as needed by entering new text in the "Input Text" area and clicking the "Convert to Kruti Dev" button.

That's it! You can use this free nifty online tool to conveniently convert text from Unicode to Kruti Dev script or typeface with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Kruti Dev Keyboard

Kruti Dev font is a well-known and one of the traditional Devanagari fonts in India. It has its own legacy and has been widely used for Hindi typing for ages on personal computers and typewriters. It is quite famous in north India. The keyboard layout associated with the Krutidev font is the Kruti Dev keyboard layout.


During the early days of computerized typing in India, there was no standard encoding for the Devanagari script. It posed a problem for writers who wanted to write in Devanagari. And, that is why came the universal adoption of Unicode and Krutidev came into the picture. It helped the typists, publishers, and people who had a keen interest in typing in Hindi and other Devanagari script languages. Due to this, content creation and publication in Hindi and other Devanagari script languages became much easier and widespread. The design of the Kruti Dev keyboard layout has been inspired by the Remington typewriter layout prevalent in India. This strategic design choice has ensured a smooth transition for typists who wanted to change the medium of typing from typewriters to computers, making the Kruti Dev layout operative in a familiar territory.

The Evolution with Unicode

The introduction of Unicode has been a major milestone. It has been globally recognized as a standard for encoding various world scripts. This has reduced the dependency on proprietary fonts like Kruti Dev. With Unicode, Devanagari characters could be represented easily. This ensures smooth text sharing and display across diverse platforms without the fuss of any compatibility issues.

Yet, the legacy of Krutidev persisted. Given the plethora of documents crafted in the Kruti Dev font and the familiarity of its keyboard layout among typists, it continued to hold its ground. Today, digital tools are available to transition text between Kruti Dev encoding and Unicode, bridging the past with the present.

Characteristics of the Krutidev Keyboard (Kruti Dev Keyboard)

  • Phonetically Intuitive Design: The Kruti dev keyboard layout is inclined towards a phonetic design. It aligns character placements with their sounds, which resonates well with the Hindi speakers.
  • Unique and Special Characters: Distinct from standard Devanagari Unicode layouts, Krutidev boasts special characters to depict specific conjunct consonants and Hindi's unique sound combinations. This makes it different from Unicode.
  • Versatile Shift Key and its usage: Emulating many keyboard layouts, Kruti Dev employs the shift key to unveil a broader character spectrum, maximizing a standard keyboard's potential.

In short,

The Kruti Dev keyboard and font have been a significant part of Hindi computerized typing since the late 20th century. Currently, it might be that Unicode has become more popular, but Kruti Dev still holds a special place in the history of Indian computing. It is not just a keyboard layout but a nostalgic journey for many people, as it has been used in countless documents and publications.

Now, let's check out the following:

  • Who can use our Unicode to KrutiDev converter (Mangal to KrutiDev converter tool?
  • Features offered by our Unicode to Kruti Dev Converter or Mangal to Kruti Dev Converter
  • Potential Use cases

Who can use our Unicode to KrutiDev converter (Mangal to KrutiDev converter tool?

This Unicode to KrutiDev converter tool or Mangal to KrutiDev converter tool, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is specifically designed for individuals or people working in groups on the Devanagari script, in mainly Hindi and Marathi languages. Below is a list of some of the users of this tool.

  1. Content Creators, Authors, and Editors: People who write in Devanagari script can use the tool to convey their Unicode text to KrutiDev. This will help bloggers, authors, and content creators in publishing their content in KrutiDev font or language.
  2. Language Translators: Language translators who work with Hindi or Marathi translations can find this tool useful for converting their Unicode text to KrutiDev, as it can speed up their work.
  3. Educators and Students: People who design educational and teaching content for students or for anyone to read can make use of this tool.
  4. Government Offices: Even today, there is a lot of written government work that takes place in the Devanagari script. This tool can be helpful for all those government officials who use the Devanagari script for writing letters, emails, reports, or any other official stuff.
  5. Email and Messaging Users: People who want to send messages or emails in KrutiDev font can make use of this tool to convert their Unicode to KrutiDev font.
  6. Journalists and Media Outlets: Journalism is a field where a lot of content is generated. So, this tool can be very helpful for journalists or media reporters to convert their mews from Unicode to KrutiDev font. This will help them with their publication.
  7. Graphic Designers: Graphic designers who work on projects that make use of KrutiDev font can use this tool to convert their Unicode to KrutiDev as and when required.
  8. Researchers: People doing research in the field of Hindi or Marathi literature can make use of this tool for the KrutiDev font.
  9. General Users: This tool is open to anyone who would like to work in Hindi or Marathi for any kind of work, be it personal or professional.
  10. Web Developers: People building websites in KrutiDev font will require this tool for converting the text to KrutiDev font.

All Features and Options Offered by our Unicode to KrutiDev Converter

Here is the list of all features and options offered by our free Unicode to Krutidev converter (Mangal to Krutidev converter) tool, supported by Artificial Intelligence. This feature allows you to format your document in realtime while doing the conversion.

  1. Cut: The "Cut" button feature in your Unicode to Kruti Dev converter allows you to remove the selected text from the input and output text area/editor and place it in the clipboard, enabling you to move or paste it elsewhere.
  2. Copy: The "Copy" button feature enables you to duplicate the selected text in both input and output editors and store a copy of it in the clipboard, without removing it from the original location.
  3. Paste: The "Paste" button feature allows you to insert the content currently stored in the clipboard into input/output text editors at the cursor's position.
  4. Paste as Plain Text: This feature enables you to paste text from the clipboard without carrying over any formatting, ensuring that the pasted text matches the style of the surrounding content.
  5. Paste from Word: "Paste from Word" allows you to paste text copied from Microsoft Word while attempting to retain as much of the original formatting as possible.
  6. Undo: The "Undo" button feature lets you reverse the most recent action, reverting your input/output editor's document to its previous state.
  7. Redo: "Redo" allows you to redo actions that were previously undone, restoring your input and output content to the state just before the undo operation. This is essential to restore your content, which is deleted or edited incorrectly by mistake.
  8. Spell Check As You Type: This feature continuously checks your text for spelling errors as you type, underlining potential mistakes and suggesting corrections. This is also the core feature of our Mangal to Kruti Dev converter.
  9. Link: The "Link" button feature lets you insert hyperlinks into your document, allowing readers to navigate to external websites or other parts of your content.
  10. Unlink: "Unlink" is used to remove hyperlinks from text or objects within your content/text.
  11. Anchor: This button feature allows you to set anchor points within your content, making it easier to reference specific locations.
  12. Image: "Image" enables you to insert images or graphics into your document, enhancing its visual content. The best part is that images are preserved in the converted Krutidev format also. The same is available when downloaded as a Word file. So, now worries, even if your input unicode content has images embedded.
  13. Table: The "Table" feature allows you to create and format tables within your content, organizing data or content into rows and columns. 
  14. Insert Horizontal Line: This button feature inserts a horizontal line or separator into your text or content, helping to visually divide content.
  15. Insert Special Character: "Insert Special Character" lets you add unique or non-standard characters into your text, such as symbols or accented letters.
  16. Maximize: Clicking "Maximize" expands the document view to full-screen mode, optimizing your workspace for focused editing. This can be done for both Input as well as for Output text editor, allowing you to focus on the content clearly.
  17. Source: "Source" may switch between the source code view and the visual editor, useful for users who want to directly manipulate the HTML code of their document.
  18. Bold: This button feature applies bold formatting to the selected text, making it appear thicker and more prominent.
  19. Italic: "Italic" applies slanted formatting to the selected text, emphasizing it without making it bold.
  20. Strikethrough: The "Strikethrough" button feature adds a horizontal line through the middle of the selected text, indicating that it has been removed or is no longer valid.
  21. Remove Format: Clicking "Remove Format" removes any formatting (e.g., bold, italics) applied to the selected text, reverting it to its default style.
  22. Insert/Remove Numbered List: This feature allows you to create or remove numbered lists, organizing items in a sequential order.
  23. Insert/Remove Bulleted List: Similar to numbered lists, "Insert/Remove Bulleted List" helps you create or remove lists with bullet points for itemization.
  24. Decrease Indent: "Decrease Indent" reduces the left margin of the selected text or list item, moving it further to the right.
  25. Increase Indent: "Increase Indent" increases the left margin of the selected text or list item, moving it further to the left.
  26. Block Quote: The "Block Quote" button feature applies a distinct formatting style to the selected text, typically used for quoting longer passages of text within your document.
  27. Styles (dropdown): The "Styles" dropdown provides access to various formatting styles that you can apply to selected text or objects, allowing for consistent and customized formatting throughout your document.

All the above features and options allow you to format your content in real-time for input (Unicode/Mangal) and output (Krutidev/Kruti Dev). Moreover, these features are so unique that none of the available Unicode to Krutidev converters online provide them, and it makes us the World's first Unicode to Kruti Dev converter supporting text formatting. All this is done with the help of Artificial Intelligence Isn't this amazing :)

Benefits of our Unicode to Kruti Dev Converter

  1. Free: Our Unicode to KrutiDev Converter is the converter tool is available for free and does not incur any type of cost.
  2. Secure: Your data is completely secure with this tool. We do not store it. The privacy and integrity of your data is maintained.
  3. No Data Stored: As stated previously, we do not store any or part of your data. Your data is completely yours. 
  4. Real-time Conversion: The Unicode to KrutiDev Converter Tool works in real time and converts your Unicode text to KrutiDev as you keep typing. 
  5. Fastest Conversion: The tool does one of the fastest conversions to KrutiDev font, thus, saving you time and energy.
  6. No Word Limit: There is no word limit for converting the text. You can convert as much as you want. We won't get tired of doing the conversion.
  7. No Login or Signup Required: The hassle of Signing Up is not there. You can use the tool directly.
  8. Unlimited Usage:  There is no limit on the number of conversions you can make with the tool. Enjoy till your work lasts. 
  9. All Browser Support: The Unicode to KrutiDev Converter Tool is compatible with all major web browsers, which ensures that it is available for a huge number of users without any browser restrictions.
  10. All Device Support: The tool can be used on a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  11. Simple Interface: The tool has a very simple interface so that anyone new to the tool can make use of it without spending much time understanding its functionality.
  12. Download as Word File: Well, we have a good option here to make you save your work in the form of a word document. You can download the converted text as a Word document for offline use.
  13. Copy Output in a Click: If you simply want to paste your converted text somewhere, you can do so with the help of a simple click. 

Why use Unicode to Kruti Dev Converter? or Why use Mangal to Kruti Dev Converter? Let's check out all possible use cases with example scenarios.

Use cases

The Unicode to Kruti Dev Converter does a special task of bridging the gap between two different approaches to represent Hindi text, that is, Unicode and Kruti Dev. Here, we will understand the important and useful reasons for using this converter, which is using Artificial Intelligence for execution.

Preservation of Font Consistency

There should be uniformity and consistency in what you write. Sometimes, it may happen that you take the text from somewhere. To ensure that all text is of KrutiDev font, you make use of this tool. Then, there will be a uniform font style in your text.

Example Scenario: For example, you are creating a document that makes use of two languages or fonts, namely, English and Hindi. It may be the case that if Hindi text is left in Unicode format, it will appear in various types of style. So, you should convert the Hindi text to Kruti Dev font to bring uniformity within the Hindi text. 

Compatibility with Legacy Systems

Kruti Dev font has long used been used in government systems, documents, and publications. If you are dealing with old data for references or want to make use of it to create new data, you will be needing this converter tool. You can easily integrate your Unicode data into the existing data by converting it into Kruti Dev. There will be no hassle of re-typing things or font mismatch.

Example Scenario: Government places in India like offices, schools, and colleges make use of Kruti Dev font while preparing their notices or other documents. If you want to create these reports or want to make use of these existing documents, you can make use of our Unicode to Kruti Dev converter tool to speed up the work.

Streamlining Hindi Typing

The typing pattern in Unicode and Kruti Dev is different. Kruti Dev is much more straightforward, whereas Unicode allows multiple scripts. The layout and style may differ from what users are accustomed to with Kruti Dev. This converter tool will simplify the process by allowing users to type in Unicode and then convert it to Kruti Dev effortlessly.

Example Scenario: Journalists or writers in India might be more habitual of using Unicode for typing because it is often the default font style in modern word processors or editors. Before publication, this tool can be used to convert Unicode to Kruti Dev.

Standardizing Display Across Platforms

Suppose you have a website or an application or you make use of content to represent things digitally or online then, there has to be uniformity in the text that gets displayed for the audience. Here, you can make use of the Unicode to Kruti Dev converter tool to ensure that the text remains the same over all devices and gives a proper professional and user experience.

Example Scenario: E-commerce websites catering to Hindi-speaking audiences may want to display product descriptions, reviews, and other text in Kruti Dev to ensure there is consistent data for the users to understand. Here, they can make use of this converter to present the data in one format. 

Final Thoughts

We conclude by our final that the Unicode to Kruti Dev Converter Tool, execution of which is carried out by Artificial Intelligence, is a useful tool for people who work with Hindi text. It is useful as an integration tool for Unicode and KrutiDev font. It bridges the gap between non-Unicode and Unicode font or typeface styles. The tool will help in maintaining the consistency of the font, ensuring its compatibility with legacy systems, simplifying Hindi typing, and standardizing text display across various platforms.

Why are you waiting, then? Start your first Unicode to Krutidev (Kruti Dev) or Mangal to KrutiDev conversion with the help of Artificial Intelligence now! It's free and secure, and the best part requires no login.